Day #1807 (Mon., Dec. 15, 2014) – Katie Sleeps In Her New Room

I took today off work as my wife had an ultrasound and doctor’s appointment at Duke. Little Bobby is going to be a big boy…in the 85% realm. We actually got some 3D images of his face.

My wife told me that a while back she was Skyping with her mother when her mother asked Katie what she was going to do with her new brother. Katie replied “Well the first thing I’m going to do is tell him the rules”. I bet…

2014-12-15 - New RoomMy wife has been sick all day. We’re not sure what or why but it is starting to look like it could be a touch of food poisoning. She went to bed early this evening so I tended to Katie.

Tonight I assembled Katie’s bed in her new bedroom (see photo to the left). Tonight she slept in it for the very first time. As I was putting her to bed she said “Do you know what would be cool? If the room was rainbow colored”. I told her to discuss it with her mother in the morning.

1) Katie slept in her new room for the first time tonight.