Day #136 (Wed., May 19, 2010) – Little Panda Hand Puppet

I’ve been thinking for quite a while that Mandarin Chinese is the language of the future. English will certainly be around and will be extremely popular, but as the focus of the world switches to Asia, Mandarin Chinese is a language that one must give careful consideration to…

2010-05-19 - Panda
2010-05-19 - Panda

In order to prepare little Katie for the future I’ve been thinking about getting a good language program in Mandarin Chinese. One of the most popular programs out there these days is the Rosetta Stone program. They say that it will help you to learn a language like a baby does. Well, if that is the way for adults to learn a language, how much more so for a baby? I ordered a free-trial CD of the Rosetta Stone software today. Little Katie is too young for most of it for sure, but perhaps if she hears some of the words spoken in Mandarin Chinese she will get a bit of a head start for the more elaborate details of language mechanics?

The photo to the right shows a little panda hand puppet toy that we bought for little Katie a while back. For some reason the panda’s ear looked like a delectable treat for little Katie and she latched on with gusto. If the panda was alive he would no longer have that smiley face…his ear has been sucked and munched by a hungry little chipmunk…


1) I think that it would be good for little Katie to learn some Mandarin Chinese (it could be the language of the 21st century).