Day #137 (Thu., May 20, 2010) – Baby Car Seat

4:20am – Little Katie is up. I changed her and gave her to mommy. Was she ever hungry. She slept for 5 hours…been a long time since she did that.

My wife sent me the following email last night:


Your little chipmunk is asleep for almost 3 hours (10 minutes shy as of now). 🙂 She’ll be all rested. Recently I was reading about sleep patterns and there was a comment that sometimes babies are working so hard on new skills (e.g. rolling over) that they practice them even in their sleep and that’s why they wake up more often at nigh. 🙂 It was so funny when she rolled over today. She was so upset that she ended up on her tummy and there was no one to blame! Of course, I did my best to praise her achievement!


2010-05-20 - Car Seat
2010-05-20 - Car Seat

We also got an email from our friend from France. She mentioned how sweet little Katie is and that it is fun to see her progress.

The photo on the left shows the baby car seat that we are currently using for little Katie. Not sure how much longer she will be able to fit into it as she is growing like a weed. Our friends who visited us last Sunday brought a car seat that they are no longer using, so we have something to “switch into” when the time comes. The two blue items in the photo are shoulder pads so that the seat belts don’t dig into little Katie.

7:00pm and I’m in the mood for a smoothie. We can’t make one just yet. We have this fantastic BlendTec Blender…but the noise has the potential to wake up the baby. Better to wait than deal with the consequences of a fussy baby.

7:12pm – Sounds from the nursery. Our little one is up. I went to change her and addressed her as our little “upside-down cake”. My wife got a kick out of that. Why? She’s always twisting and turning and ending up in a position other than what we originally put her in the crib.

My wife told me that she weighed little Katie today. 18 lbs 1.5 oz.

1) Little Katie weighed in at 18 lbs 1.5 oz today.