Day #1813 (Sun., Dec. 21, 2014) – Watching Christmas Carol

2014-12-21 - Bobby's RoomI was sore all day after taping little Bobby’s room yesterday (see photo to the right). Nonetheless, I did manage to sand off the stucco that I put on the walls to get rid of the holes and blemishes. I also put down some plastic wrapping so that paint will not fall directly onto our wood floors.

My wife took a nap this afternoon while I watched a bit of football on television. Johnny Manziel got hurt and was taken off the field during the game with the Carolina Panthers. Katie played with her Legos for the most part. She made a nice little stable for her “My Little Pony” collection.

This afternoon Katie and I snuggled up in the Lazy Boy and watched a cartoon version of Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”. I got her interested by saying that there were three ghosts in it.

This evening Katie expressed an interest in watching “Strawberry Shortcake”. She hasn’t seen that in a while.

1) Katie got interested in Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” when I told her that there were three ghosts in it.