Day #1814 (Mon., Dec. 22, 2014) – Violet Babysits Katie

2014-12-22 - StockingKatie woke up at 9:30 this morning and my wife called Violet (our 13-year old neighbor) to come babysit and she was here in a few minutes. Katie seemed to be very excited to meet Violet for the first time. Violet toasted Katie a waffle and Katie ate it all!

They colored, decorated a stocking (see photo to the left), and played with balloons. While playing with Legos, they even cleaned up the Lego table (my wife asked Violet for that).

Violet couldn’t take Katie to her house since her mom was cleaning it. Since Violet has three kittens and a dog, that was a big tragedy for Katie. She cried and cried until my wife turned the TV on and that was enough to cheer her up.

When I got home from work this evening I fully primed the walls in little Bobby’s room. I was some sore afterwards.

1) Violet came to babysit Katie today.