Day #1815 (Tue., Dec. 23, 2014) – Izzi Babysits Katie

2014-12-23 - Pencil BoxMy wife found a nice “kitty” pencil box for Katie’s desk (see photo to the left).

After staying up from 5 am to 7 am, Katie managed to sleep until 10:30 am. When she woke up my wife called Izzi and she came over to babysit.

Katie wanted to go to Izzi’s place and play with her dog right away. They even decorated ginger bread cookies while they were there. At 3 pm they headed home and picked up Helen on the way. Katie was not too happy since she didn’t want to share any of Izzi’s attention. My wife fed Katie a few spoons of macaroni and cheese and that seemed to do a trick…they ended up playing together.

On the way home from work I stopped off at Trader Joe’s. I picked up four bottles of ketchup as I noticed were were out (it’s a tragedy as Katie loves ketchup).

This evening my wife was real frustrated with Katie so I went to talk to her. I told her that she needs to listen to mommy. I told her that she could have five more minutes of television but I didn’t want a repeat of this every night.

1) Izzy came to babysit Katie today.