Day #1819 (Sat., Dec. 27, 2014) – Birthday Cake Shopping

2014-12-27 - Katie's CakeI went to the pet store this morning to get some more cat food. They gave me a number of free samples of various foods when I told them that I had a fussy cat (i.e.: Batman). I picked up a toy mouse that is made out of real rabbit fur. The lady told me that her cat loved it…and Robin sure did when I arrived home with it.

We went out to Harris-Teeter this afternoon to order Katie’s birthday cake. The farm themed design would be more appropriate as we will be holding the event at a farm but she wanted the zoo picture (see photo to the right) so we went with that.

I finished priming little Bobby’s room this evening. Nice to get that done. Tomorrow I’ll paint the walls in the blue color we picked out

1) Katie wanted the zoo theme for her birthday cake this year.