Day #1820 (Sun., Dec. 28, 2014) – Zoey Comes To Visit

2014-12-28 - Faux MouseThe photo to the left shows the fake mouse that I picked up for the cats at the pet store yesterday.

I painted little Bobby’s room this morning with the 75% reduction of Tinsel Beam paint I picked up the other day. It is not too much darker than the white prime so it was a bit hard on the eyes to distinguish what was primer and what was new paint. While I painted my wife took Katie to YoPop for a treat.

This afternoon my wife went for a nap. I was tending to Katie and we planned on doing some more pirate stickers when Zoey (the neighbor’s black lab) burst into the house. Katie was elated and we went out into the yard to play fetch with her. After a few throws and catches the owner drove her car up the driveway and Katie started to cry. She didn’t want to see Zoey go. She cried and cried and I tried to calm her down by putting a dog movie on the television while she rested in the LazyBoy. Soon she was fast sleep. She was sleeping when my wife got up from her nap.

Given the fact that Katie had such a nice nap in the Lazy Boy she was really wound up this evening. In the end she went to bed around 1:30am. A reminder of what it used to be like when she had naps during the day.

1) Katie napped in the Lazy Boy this afternoon.