Day #1822 (Tue., Dec. 30, 2014) – Katie’s First iPad Experience

Violet came over to take care of Katie today. She came armed with an iPad and showed Katie an app where you can give a lion a hairdoo. It appears that the lion interacts with you in regards to whether it likes it or not. At any rate, it was a hit. Oh oh…we were hoping to delay Katie’s experience into computers and other mobile devices til she was much older.

After playing for a couple of hours at our house they went over to Violet’s house. They have a dog and three cats and Violet’s 4 1/2 year old brother Morrison was home as well. Violet sent us a photo of Katie and Morrison on the couch with a cat sleeping next to them and and iPad on Katie’s lap (of course).

2014-12-30 - Pink ChairMy wife got a nice lavendar/pink/purple chair for Katie’s new desk in the mail today (see photo to the right).

I was playing “12-bar blues” on the piano when Katie came up to me. I let her sit beside me on the stool and while I played the chords she “banged out” the melody? At any rate, she got a kick out of playing the piano with daddy.

Later his evening I moved the bureau in little Bobby’s room to the wall so that my wife could organize clothes and such. I will continue to paint the other walls to try and remove any blemishes.

Katie cried herself to sleep this evening. She wants an iPad. One good thing, Violet didn’t show it to her last week before Christmas. If she had I fear that the “little Pony Dress” gifts would have taken a back seat.

1) Katie is fixated on an iPad now…