Day #139 (Sat., May 22, 2010) – Mobile In The Car

I took little Katie for a stroll this morning. She didn’t eat before we left so it was a rather quick stroll.

2010-05-22 - Mobile In The Car
2010-05-22 - Mobile In The Car

We had another Skype session with my mother this afternoon. Little Katie was getting fussy and in need of a nap so it didn’t last too long.

A few days ago I showed a photo of our current car seat for little Katie. Well, this seat needs a socket in the car, and that is shown in the photo to the right. You basically just lower the car seat onto the socket and it snaps into place. The photo also shows the mobile that we have assembled to keep little Katie entertained before she falls to sleep (hopefully)…

It’s interesting what interests babies. I’ve been knocking the red bird against the Rainforest Jumperoo for weeks now to get little Katie’s attention. She should look at it because of the noise that I was making, but then quickly go back to what she was dealing with. Today, for some reason, she has taken particular interest in the red bird and has been playing with it for quite a while. Go figure…

When little Katie jumps up and down in the Jumperoo she uses the top of her toes to push off the floor. From my standpoint that must hurt…but she seems to really enjoy it.

10:43pm – I did some work on the garage this afternoon. This and my abnormal sleeping schedule as of late meant that I “crashed” soon after dinner. I’m up now…but my wife and child are both asleep. I have the baby monitor with me so that my wife will not be disturbed by any stray “ah-hah’s” that happen to emanate from the baby’s room.

1) Little Katie has taken an interest in the red bird on the jumperoo.