Day #1854 (Sat., Jan. 31, 2015) – Bowling With Katie

I had to go to the Apple Store this morning as my iPhone was not charging. As it turns out the problem was dust and link in the connection. The guy took a little tool and grabbed it out. I’m up and running again. Having a cell phone is very important when you wife is as far along as mine is.

2015-01-31 - BowlingThis afternoon our neighbor had a baby shower for my wife. There was lots of talking and snacks and loads of gifts. Her husband dropped by later this evening to drop them off.

While my wife was attending the baby shower I had another Daddy/Daughter day with Katie. I took her bowling. She was a bit scared at first and grabbed onto me tightly but soon calmed down. I showed her how to throw the balls down the lane and she really took to it (see photo to the right). So much in fact that she would often through her balls down when it was my turn. She soon got tired so after we finished up the game we went to play with the various video games in their game room. We played a game of air hockey and a game of hammerhead shark (very much like “wack-a-mole”. She sat in a chair and played a video game with racing speed boats and we ended up playing an old fashioned game of pinball. On the way home we stopped off and got some frozen yogurt at YoPop.

1) I took Katie bowling this afternoon for Daddy/Daughter Day.