Day #1855 (Sun., Feb. 1, 2015) – Up Goes The Valance

I ran to the gym this morning and on the way back I stopped off at Phydeau to pick up some kitty food. I got some lava rocks that are supposed to absorb kitty litter smells and I also decided that I would also pick up the yellow catnip banana for the cats to play with. About five minutes after I gave the catnip banana to Robin he had ripped through a seam and the catnip was pouring out. I drove back to Phydeau and exchanged it for another one…but they had to check with their manager to see if they could do it. Note to self: If you don’t need food go to Wal-Mart or Target for your pet supplies.

2015-02-01 - ValanceLater this morning I secured Katie’s magnetic board to the door with two sided tape, put up the valance over the drapes in little Bobby’s room (see photo to the left), and put the outlet covers over the outlets in Katie’s room.

This evening was the SuperBowl and the New England Patriots barely beat the Seattle Seahawks in a really close game. I took about five minutes off from the game to do some wresting with Katie.

1) I took 5 minutes away from the SuperBowl to wrestle with Katie this evening.