Day #1876 (Sun., Feb. 22, 2015) – Catching Ball

2015-02-22 - Catching The BallThis morning I taught Katie how to catch a ball (see photo to the right). I told her that the important principle was to take baby steps and master those and then gradually increase the difficulty til you become a master. This is important in learning karate or basketball or “anything” for that matter. You could see her eyes light up as she was able to catch the ball I threw her from longer and longer distances.

Nikki has been offering us a Christmas Present of a “date night” for quite a while now. Today we decided to take her up on it. I took my wife to the Spartacus Restaurant in Durham this afternoon. The buffet was delish, and we had a Groupon to help cover the cost, but unfortunately we overate. We did manage to waddle to the car and even go shopping at the Dollar Store (where we picked up over $50 worth of stuff).

On the drive over to the Spartacus Restaurant we stopped off at the school that is be teaching the Mandarin Chinese class next year that we are hoping Katie will get accepted into. We are having a party there on Wednesday night to meet the teachers so it’s better to know where we are going in the light of day rather than try to figure it out in the dark.

I went to pick up gas at Sam’s Club and we saw a kid’s consignment store nearby. Unfortunately it was closed, but we’ll come back. My wife was mentioning that there are no good consignment sales in the area and at least this is a discount child/kid store.

Katie was crying this evening that she didn’t get a Lego set today. We tried to tell her that they are expensive and she can’t have one every day. Didn’t really work. My wife and I are thinking about volunteering or something so that she can see more unfortunate kids.

1) Katie doesn’t seem to realize that she cannot have a new Lego set every day.