Day #1877 (Mon., Feb. 23, 2015) – Pictures In Little Bobby’s Room

My wife and I had another ultrasound and doctor’s appointment at Duke today. Won’t be long before little Bobby will be here. We learned today that the C-Section is scheduled for March 11th. My wife had a list of five questions she wanted to have answered.

My wife was hungry after we left the doctor’s office so we decided that we would drive out to Chapel Hill and have lunch at the Cholanad. She had the vegetable dosa and I had the chicken dosa. We shared half of each dish. Delish!

We went to the fire department down the road to install little Bobby’s car seat but the firemen were on training. The guy at the station said that if I go to the station near the Fresh Market at 2pm on Saturday they will install it for free. I’m thinking that this would be a great activity for Daddy/Daughter Day.

2015-02-23 - Pictures In Bobby's RoomThis evening we put up pictures in little Bobby’s room (see photo to the left). We decided to put them on the wall opposite to the crib. Even though the likelihood of them falling down on little Bobby is minimal, we don’t want to take any chances.

The only thing we have left to do in little Bobby’s room is to install the web cam.

1) Katie’s litte brother is due on March 11th.