Day #1888 (Fri., Mar. 6, 2015) – First Word Was “Cat”

2015-03-06 - Dressed BearKatie has been dressing up her stuffed animals in the “premie” clothes my wife got at “Kid To Kid” the other day. You can see an example in the photo to the right.

I dropped Katie off at school today. I happened to see Luke’s mom and asked her if her little one (the one who is so active) was especially active in the womb. She said no… Since little Bobby is so active I was wondering if this is a sign of things to come.

I guess that Katie and Nikki made a pizza yesterday. Today they finished it off. Katie loves to go over to Nikki’s place so that she can see Miley the dog.

We were planning on Helen coming over to see Katie this afternoon but she just wanted to stay home and play with her dad. Susan thinks she might be coming down with something.

We always thought that Katie’s first word was “shoe” and then “hat”. I uncovered a video today (i.e.: MOV00387 back in December 2010) that shows her first word was “cat”.

This evening Katie told me that her relationships with MacKenzie, Eleri and Duncan is growing. She didn’t feel the same way with the relationship she has with Teagan.

1) It looks like Katie’s first word might have been “cat”.