Day #141 (Mon., May 24, 2010) – Little Blue Bug

My wife told me that little Katie napped a lot today. She would wake up every 15 minutes, then fall asleep again once my wife gave her the pacifier.

2010-05-24 - Jumperoo Bug
2010-05-24 - Jumperoo Bug

In today’s post I would like to talk a bit about another attachment to the Jumperoo that little Katie just loves. The bug attachment (denoted by the red arrow in the photo to the right), is a solid blue bug with cloth wings that is attached to the Jumperoo by a length of green plastic. I usually end up banging it against the blue elephant next to it, and the noise and motion gets little Katie’s attention in short order. The hapless little bug is then made chipmunk food in short order as little Katie grabs it and puts it into her mouth for a munch or two…

I got the Rosetta Stone Software in the mail today. It’s just a trial version, but it’s enough for me to get an idea as to what they have to offer. Like I mentioned in a previous post, little Katie is a bit too young to benefit from it just yet, but it’s always a good idea to start things early.

The series finale of “24” is on tv right now. Little Katie is counting sheep and my wife just went to bed.

1) Little Katie loves to munch on the little blue bug.