Day #1909 (Fri., Mar. 27, 2015) – Katie Sprains Her Ankle

Katie hobbled to my room this morning and I gave her a “fireman carry” out to the living room. Obviously her foot is still bothering her so she cannot go to preschool in this condition. Instead, we took her along for little Bobby’s visit to his pediatrician.

2015-03-27 - Doctor's Examining RoomAt the pediatrician’s office we saw that little Bobby gained 2oz since his last visit. How a child can eat so much and gain so little is a mystery to us. At any rate the pediatrician looked at Katie’s ankle. He surmised that not only did she have a splinter, but the real culprit was a slightly sprained ankle. He suggested we get some OraGel and rub on it to dull the feeling. At this point we could take out the splinter. In addition he suggested we put some cold packs on the ankle to help reduce the swelling in the ankle.

The photo to the right shows the children’s area in the examining room. A couple of kiddie chairs and a basket full of children’s books.

When we got back from the doctor’s office I went to WalGreens and got some OraGel. I also returned Katie’s library books and got her ten more (she wanted Clifford The Big Red Dog Easter books).

Hannah came to tend to Katie this afternoon. She needed to leave at 4pm today so at least I had a nice nap up until that time.

For dinner tonight I made Katie both chicken nuggets and meatballs (at her request).

Batman returned this evening. Where in the world was he? He just came inside, ate, and plopped on the green blanket we had spread out on the living room floor. To sleep in an exposed place like that is very unusual behavior for Batman. Robin spent a lot of time smelling his tail…I guess wondering where he went.