Day #1910 (Sat., Mar. 28, 2015) – Jealousy?

I put some mushroom soup over some boiled chicken and spread that over a bed of rice. Voila…lunch!

This afternoon I wanted to get Katie out of the house so that my wife could sleep so we had Daddy/Daughter Day #27. Not only that, I want to give Katie much more attention these days as little Bobby is around now. I don’t want Katie to feel left out or that we don’t love her just as much.

Just as we were leaving Katie went to the bathroom and as she was leaving accidentally broke a dish on the counter. I asked her to tell me what happened but she would not. I guess it was an accident judging from her reaction.

2015-03-28 - Enjoying YoPopFirst up was YoPop. Since it was not evening Katie got to have some chocolate frozen yogurt (see photo to the right). We drove through the parking lot of the Timberlyne Movie Theater and Katie expressed an interest in going to see a movie on an upcoming Daddy/Daughter day. She even asked the YoPop owner if they knew they had a movie theater nearby… 🙂

After YoPop I took Katie to the Chapel Hill library. We got 12 books to take home. For some reason Katie wanted to get two of the same book. She said something about “saving it for next year”?

Katie made a comment this afternoon. Why does little Bobby get more attention than I do? Someone told me that little children get jealous of new babies after about two weeks. I wished I could remember who told me that.

We had Asian pot stickers for dinner this evening. Katie didn’t care for them too much.