Day #1911 (Sun., Mar. 29, 2015) – SouthPoint Escalator

My wife was up most of the night tending to little Bobby. He is back to his old schedule of nursing a bit, falling asleep, and waking up when you put him to bed.

At 10am, after one of little Bobby’s feedings, my wife went to bed while I tended to him. After about an hour he woke up. I tried to comfort his crying by holding him in my arms and singing “Rock A Bye Baby”. That seemed to calm him down for a while (he loves it when you sing to him), but soon he was up crying again. As soon as he starts crying and smacking his lips it is time to bring him to mommy for another feeding.

2015-03-29 - HippoKatie is getting into words and letters more and more which is fantastic. She wrote out the word “hippopotmus” (almost the correct spelling). You can see it in the photo to the right.

I took Katie out for Daddy/Daughter Day #28 today. I wasn’t planning to but I wanted to ensure that my wife got some sleep and Katie needed to burn off some energy. We ended up going to McDonalds so she could get a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone. We then went to SouthPoint so that she could ride up and down on the escalators. We ended up at the little indoor playground in SouthPoint where Katie met a few friends to play with.

While at the SouthPoint playground a little girl came up and poked Katie in the eye. She could have been no more than two years old but Katie was startled. I asked her father if she had any brothers and sure enough she had three. With all those brothers I guess you learn how to play rough.