Day #1912 (Mon., Mar. 30, 2015) – Picture Dictionary

2015-03-30 - Picture DictionaryThe photo to the right shows the “Picture Dictionary” that I picked up at the Chapel Hill Library during the weekend. I’ve been reading it to Katie just before she goes to bed. I will pick out an animal or object and try to describe it to Katie so she can guess. Sometimes I end up trying to say it…like “Froooo” for Frog. Katie will then try to guess and eventually get the “ooog” part. It’s a great way for her to learn more about letters and how they sound.

Katie’s preschool is off for spring break so there was no need to get her ready for school this morning. We ended up playing hide and seek. She hid under the picnic blanket on the couch…a great hiding place. I hid behind the door in the laundry room. She never figured to look behind the door so I coughed til she came and got me.

This morning Katie and I made two cards. One was for Nikki and the other was for the postman. It was my idea to create one for Nikki. Katie came up with the idea to create a card for both the postman and the UPS guy.

Nikki has moved into her new apartment now so she was able to take care of Katie today. She picked her up just before noon and dropped her off at 7pm so that my wife and I could have a nice long day to relax.

Did I say relax? Well, little Bobby was up from noon and it is just before midnight as I write this. His longest nap between this timeframe was 20 minutes. He will nap as long as you hold him but as soon as you put him down he will wake up and start crying.

There was a PBS special on cats this evening. A village in England put GPS tracking and cameras on the cats and we got to see the travels they made and the antics they got involved with. It would be nice to see what Batman and Robin do when they are outside.