Day #1913 (Tue., Mar. 31, 2015) – One Rough Night/Morning!

Tonight was a rough night. Little Bobby was up from about noon yesterday and finally fell asleep at 3:30am this morning. There were moments of naps…but nothing of consequence. Once 3:30am rolled around my exhausted wife put little Bobby in the bouncy seat and went off to bed. I stayed up with him hoping he would stay sleeping for 30 minutes. 30 minutes passed…great. 60 minutes…bonus. Eventually I slept on the couch on a pile of laundry. My wife woke me up after 7am wondering what happened. Little Bobby was still sleeping at this time. She took over and I went to bed.

Melanie, Hannah’s sister-in-law, came to take care of Katie today. She took Katie back to her place but unfortunately her pool was closed. Katie later told us that she had a gun (she is in the army reserve).

I made a burrito for lunch today. My wife happened to notice in a blog entry back when Katie was born how we used to make them.

Nikki came around noon to tend to Katie. For some reason Katie wanted to stick close to home rather than go anywhere. Because little Bobby is here perhaps? We’ve noticed that she has been very clingy as of late…especially with me. She threw my neck out again this evening with her wrestling.

My wife found some skin at the top of little Bobby’s legs that were red. Perhaps that is the reason for such a rough night? We put some zinc cream on it…hopefully tonight will be much easier.

2015-03-31 - Katie Sleeps In TentI made a dish of shrimp, peas and rice for dinner. We called up Everett this evening. He plans to drop by on Monday to start the screening in process for our patio. We can’t wait…the mosquitoes and bugs will be here soon!

Katie sleeps inside her version of a “tube tent” this evening surrounded by her plush animals. You can see the photo to the right.