Day #1918 (Sun., Apr. 5, 2015) – Easter Sunday

Katie was up just after 7am this morning. She found the Easter basket full of goodies on the cat tree as soon as she went out to the living room. I thought we might have to wait for my wife to wake up but she and little Bobby were already up and running. We decided that I would take Katie outside on the Easter Egg (and Present) Hunt that I set up last night.

Katie was very excited to go through the Easter Egg Map I made last night. I think I overdid it with the presents and eggs though. They say that the attention span of a child is 1 minute per year…which means 5 minutes for Katie. She was soon tired of all the hunting so towards the end rather than give her hints I almost had to go and pick the eggs up for her.

2015-04-05 - EasterKatie got a chocolate bunny, some “egg-shaped” sidewalk chalk, little pony dolls, a princess coloring set, and lots of little chocolate eggs (see photo to the left). We also got a couple of “bunny ears” for Katie and little Bobby.

One of the presents that Katie got for Easter today was a huge bubble maker wand from the Dollar Store. I took her to Umstead Park to test it out. Soon she was inviting other children over to give it a try. One little boy ran off with it and when I asked Katie to go and ask for it back he had a bit of a tantrum and threw it on the ground. Katie was upset with what a bag sharer he was.

When we got home we met my wife out on the patio with little Bobby and I made some bubbles with the wand while Katie ran and caught them. I told her that if she let any of them fall to the ground she was a “dirty rascal”. She got a kick out of this phrase, taken from “I’m the king of the castle, you’re the dirty rascal”.

It was hard to put Katie to bed this evening. She was all revved up on chocolate…