Day #1925 (Sun., Apr. 12, 2015) – “Spicy” Crab Cakes

2015-04-12 - Ariel WigMy wife had a rough night so I delayed running errands today so that she could sleep in. Katie initially wanted to play a game of Candyland. When we sat down on the floor she noticed that my blue piece matched the robe I was wearing. She promptly jumped up and ran off to dress into something red…as she was playing with a red piece. She never did come back…so much for our game of CandyLand.

When I wife got up I went to get supplies. At Sam’s Club I found a 6-pack of Crab Cakes. I thought that would be a nice change for dinner so I picked them up. My wife and I loved them. Katie said that they were a “bit spicy” (which seems to be her canned response to a lot of new flavors these days).

I also picked up a red Ariel wig at the Dollar Store (see photo to the left). Katie noticed it yesterday and took a liking to it. The nice thing about it is that you can attach the “Talking Parakeet” we got yesterday to the head band.

This afternoon we put some “black & white” cards on the swing for little Bobby to enjoy.

Last night Katie knocked down the curtain in her bedroom. She loves to run behind the bed to play “Hide And Seek” and I guess she tripped on it or something. At any rate, the curtain, the rods and the attachments all came down. In looking at them this evening I see that it will take more work than initially anticipated to put them up again. Katie and I had a long talk about the importance of being careful.