Day #1924 (Sat., Apr. 11, 2015) – Motion-Activated Talking Parrot

Little Bobby was born one month ago today.

Katie wanted to go next door and play with Ginger this morning. I told her I would yell for her after 10 minutes.

I took Katie to Chinese Music Class at 11:30am today. Genevieve and Gunther were there. Afterwards I took Katie to McDonalds for a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone. The next stop was to the Dollar Store near the Kmart where I used to live in Durham.

2015-04-11 - Talking Parrot We got:

  • Plastic Mermaid Doll
  • Cotton Candy
  • Magic Kit
  • Motion-Activated Talking Parrot (see photo to the right)

Katie was actually going to get a red-haired Ariel the Mermaid wig til she saw the motion-detector parrot that sings. It turned out to be a good choice as she played with it all afternoon. So I guess you could call this Daddy/Daughter Day #30.

I had a bit of a nap this afternoon and when I got up little Bobby had fallen asleep and it was time for my wife to take a nap. Katie and I made a Trader Joe’s coffee cake while she slept.