Day #1936 (Thu., Apr. 23, 2015) – My Wife’s Checkup

Holding little Bobby at 4am. He really likes the movement of the light. His eyes will follow it.

2015-04-23 - Wall Lion DecalThere has been a lot of comments in this blog on how much little Bobby loves the lion on the wall next to the changing table. I thought I would add a picture of it to this blog post (see photo to the right).

When I dropped Katie off at school this morning she rushed into class to see her friends without even saying good-bye to daddy. It looks like the days of clinging and running after me in the hallway are long gone. As I was leaving I saw Jack and Eleri entering the school. Eleri showed me the Octonaut toy that she had. I told her that Katie would love to see it.

After dropping Katie off I rushed home to pick up my wife and little Bobby. Today is the day that I take my wife to the doctor’s office for a checkup. She got a clean bill of health…she is now able to drive the car. We fed little Bobby a huge bottle of milk before we left and he slept for the whole visit and didn’t wake up til after we got home.

This evening Katie told me that Eleri called her a cheat. I guess she told Nikki that Eleri called her a liar. It appears that this all comes from the fact that Katie wanted to play with MacKenzie and not Eleri today.

Little Bobby is getting much more animated and his social smiles are becoming more common.