Day #1938 (Sat., Apr. 25, 2015) – Mickey Mouse BackPack

Katie was up in the middle of the night doing her sticker book. She didn’t come to get me, she just played silently in her room. I didn’t realize that she was up…my wife found her when she was up feeding little Bobby.

Before Chinese Music Class this morning I went to WholeFoods for milk and supplies. At Chinese Music class I talked to Sharon, the teacher, about the Chinese Immersion Class at Glenwood. She told me that if they don’t get enough people who are interested they might have to trim back to only one class and have a lottery.

2015-04-25 - Mickey Mouse BackpackThis afternoon I took Katie to YoPop. We stopped off at Subway afterwards to pick up a sandwich for my wife. Katie told the guy behind the counter that she had a baby brother and he gave her a nice Mickey Mouse backpack (see photo to the right).

Things with little Bobby have still not calmed down in the feeding department. We wished he would sleep for longer stretches but it might take a month or two for that to kick in…