Day #1940 (Mon., Apr. 27, 2015) – Story From Three Objects

2015-04-27 - Cat DishThe cats have a new drinking dish (see photo to the right). They don’t drink from it… Not sure why but it’s amazing given that they will drink from the toilet and this dish looks a lot like a bed pan…

Everett showed up this morning. They worked on the screen porch a bit and will be finished soon. We have other chores for him around the house, such as fixing our “non-draining” bathroom sink and installing the cat door.

Katie told me that Eleri was mad at her today. Apparently she was on one team and Eleri was on the other and Duncan got to choose which team she wanted to go on. She chose Katie’s team and Eleri was upset with that choice.

In putting Katie to bed this evening we took turns out of making stories from three objects. For example, I chose a cat, a house, and a pickle. Katie then made up the story about a cat in a house with a jar of pickles. She then gave me a story with a ladybug and two other items (which I can’t remember). Katie likes this and it is a good way for her to become more creative.

Katie has not asked to have Robin sleep with her since the time she dyed his hair orange. We’re not sure why, but perhaps she thinks she is still being punished for this? We’re sure that Robin is glad he doesn’t have to be subjected to this again.