Day #1947 (Mon., May 4, 2015) – CandyLand Over A Story

2015-05-04 - Z SconesI took Katie to school this morning and also delivered the snacks that my wife made yesterday. Some scones in the shape of the letter “Z” (see photo to the left) and some fruit cups. Ellen, one of Katie’s teachers, had me put the fruit cups in the fridge and the scones on the table. She mentioned how amazing it was that my wife could find the time to do this when she has a new baby. I told her that she enjoys it.

On Friday I mentioned to Raquel that Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. She thanked me for this today as she took her son to Ultimate Comics on Saturday and they had a great time.

I asked Katie if she had fun at school today. Katie told me that Eleri was “Kid Of The Day Today”. Here’s the schedule of a typical day according to Katie:

1) Letters or Music.
2) Play Time. (perhaps story time?)
3) Clean Up.
4) Snacks.
5) Go Outside.

I also learned that Cooper didn’t like the snacks that we brought today. Apparently he doesn’t like blueberries and there were blueberries in the scones. Katie seemed quite upset about this. She likes Cooper and I must admit he seems like a real friendly and nice little boy.

Little Bobby weighed in at 12lbs 13oz (5810 grams) today.

Instead of a story tonight Katie wanted to play Candyland. We took the game out onto the screened-in porch area to play a game. I remember when she just used to play with the components, not really the game. She is really into the game now.