Day #1948 (Tue., May 5, 2015) – Strawberry Picking Day

I took snacks to Katie’s school again today. Today’s snacks were animal cookies and yogurt tubs. Ellen told me that we should put the food into the fridge by ourselves in case they get busy in the classroom. There is a marker to put “Frog” on top of one of the containers (i.e.: yogurt in this case).

On the way to school today Katie noted that someone was waiting for a school bus. She asked if she would be picked up by a school bus one day. I asked her if she would prefer to go to school on a school bus or have me take her. She said she preferred to have me take her.

Melanie got stuck in traffic and was late in picking Katie up from school. Ellen called my wife and then me up to tell us this. She was planning on calling the other babysitters after me. Eventually Melanie arrived.

2015-05-05 - StrawberriesMelanie took Katie strawberry picking this afternoon. When I got home from work there was this large cardboard pallet of strawberries on the sink. Katie loved them. She kept coming back and forth… Getting one, taking it away, eating it, and coming back for another.

Little Bobby fell asleep in the bouncy seat this evening so my wife went to bed for a nap. Katie and I played quietly. Katie wanted to play CandyLand again so we played out on the screened-in porch area. I gave Katie the option of playing another game or having a story that I make up out of “3 objects”. She chose CandyLand and when we finished the game she promptly went to bed.

Genevieve and Steven came by this evening to pick up the baby car seat. Katie was in bed and I was in the bedroom. Katie rushed in to tell me that they were in the driveway and said “I bet they are putting the baby to bed” and drove off. Genevieve stopped by later in the evening when my wife was up to pick up the baby car seat.