Day #1950 (Thu., May 7, 2015) – Writing Mommy & Daddy

Little Bobby slept for 7 hours last night. Perhaps these long nights of no sleep are behind us? Time will tell.

On the way to preschool today Katie asked me what she did when she was three years old. I told her that she loved to play with Jungle Animals. She said that she still loves to do this. She said that she had all her animals lined up in a row and that her job was to find a good home for all of them. She said that she would probably be doing this til the day she died.

2015-05-07 - Writing MommyKatie was “Kid Of The Day” at her preschool today. I learned that they shut the lights on and off to get the kids attention.

I was tired all day today. I decided to take the afternoon off work and go see the movie “Avengers – Age Of Ultron”. It’s so hard to get time to see a movie at home when you have two kids to tend to.

Katie wrote “Mommy & Daddy” on the dry erase board in her bedroom this evening. You can see a photo of her writing to the left.