Day #146 (Sat., May 29, 2010) – Jumperoo 360 Degrees

7:46am – I’m up and I hear a rustling in the nursery…

7:57am – Little Katie is up…equipped with a fresh diaper and playing in the Jumperoo. For some reason the elephant’s ears are capturing her attention.

2010-05-29 - Plush Elephant
2010-05-29 - Plush Elephant

The photo to the left shows a little plush elephant that little Katie likes to play with. She likes it when I start to jiggle it way above her head and let it gradually descend upon her. If she is really excited with the toy she has this real intense stare of joy with accompanying kicking legs…

8:05am – Little Katie has maneuvered herself around in the Jumperoo and is playing with the Blue Spinner now.

8:24am – Little Katie has just managed to work her way totally around the Jumperoo…360 degrees. This is the first time I’ve ever seen that!

9:23am – My wife is still sleeping. I’m going to try to entertain little Katie as long as I can so that she can get some rest. It’s funny what kids like to play with. Little Katie is playing with an empty potato chip bag right now. I think she likes the crunchy sound the bag makes.

8:57pm – Little Katie has learned a new trick. She is swaying back and forth in the Jumperoo rather than jumping up and down.

1) Little Katie has learned the new trick of swaying back and forth in the Jumperoo.