Day #1961 (Mon., May 18, 2015) – Waiting For #2

Katie was up playing in the middle of the night. Neither my wife or I heard her but her light was on this morning. She was quite tired and hard to get to school as a result. When we arrived at school we had to wait as nobody was at the door to let us in. Eventually Cooper’s dad arrived. Where was Mary?

2015-05-18 - Hanging RobinOnce the doors opened Katie was off like a flash of light. When I got to her classroom she had already entered her signature at the door and was sitting down at one of the desks playing. I had to go tell her to go wash her hands.

Nikki is still here. She will be attending Katie’s graduation tomorrow evening and then flying back to Oklahoma on Wednesday morning.

It seems that the cats are a bit jealous of little Bobby. We see both Batman and Robin doing little stunts and rolling over on their backs more. A sign of wanting attention? You can see Robin climbing the window screen in the photo to the left.

Little Bobby is still eating and eating and not sleeping very much. The excitement for this evening is waiting for him to “poop”. It’s been three days now… What exciting things we have to look forward to as parents.