Day #1962 (Tue., May 19, 2015) – Katie Graduates Preschool

Katie is trying to buckle the seatbelt in the car by herself. He is having problems so this morning I took the time to explain the process to her.

Little Bobby weighted in at: 14 lbs 3.5 oz (6450 g) today – that’s 1.5 oz a day since May 11th…

2015-05-19 - Nikki's GiftThis evening Katie graduated from preschool. My wife and I bundled up Katie and little Bobby and off we went. Nikki was able to attend as well. She gave Katie a wonderful little sticker book (see photo to the right). The actual “graduation ceremony” was over pretty quick. They called each class up on the stage. The “Frogs” went up to the stage last. The teachers handed each of them a book of what they did that year and then we were off outdoors to play in the playground.

I sat down on a picnic table and fed little Bobby. Kendra came over and sat down next to me and we ended up talking about Eleri for quite a bit of the time. I got to introduce her to Nikki.

As we were leaving Katie got into an argument with Duncan over her stuffed animal. Not exactly sure what all that was about. As we were approaching our house Katie saw Gabby walking with her parents and had us let her out of the car so she could walk with them.