Day #1968 (Mon., May 25, 2015) – Skylights & LazyBoys

2015-05-25 - Photo FrameWe cannot find my electronic photo frame. It was in Cary when we moved and we have not seen it since. My wife ordered me another one (see photo to the left) as a Father’s Day present.

I went to WholeFoods this morning to get goat’s milk. I picked up a chocolate chip cookie for Katie.

Everett and Darren came over to hook up the skylights today. They put one in the kitchen and another in the hallway. Sure brightens up the place.

This afternoon my wife and I drove over to a home near Lowe’s to take a look at a couple of used LazyBoy chairs. We ended up buying both of them and the lady owner drove them over to our place in a Honda Oddesey Van for $20 extra.

Katie found a little lizard outside today. She was upset when it bit her.

Another first for little Bobby. He is now able to grab and hold on to toys handing overhead. Judging from the smiles he really enjoyed it!

My wife was napping this evening and I tried to put Katie to sleep while I fed little Bobby. Didn’t work out too well. Fortunately my wife woke up and was able to finish off the “Putting Katie To Bed” role.