Day #1994 (Sat., June 20, 2015) – MacKenzie’s Birthday

This morning I used the epoxy cement I got last Sunday to seal the electronic cat door and the little “ball in tunnel” cat toy that was broken a while back. I was also going to glue the tail back on Katie’s little “motion activated” singing parakeet…but the tail has gone missing.

2015-06-20 - MacKenzie's Birthday CardThis afternoon is MacKenzie’s birthday so we’re effectively having addy/Daughter Day #30 today. Katie made a card for her which you can see in the photo to the right. My wife picked up a Lego set for her as a present.

Katie and I left around 11:30am as the party is at 12:15pm at a gymnastics school in Cary…not too far from where we used to live. Katie was a bit shy at first but soon warmed up. There is a pit that she was reluctant to jump into, but loved once she tried it. I used this as a lesson point to remember to try new things when you can. On the drive home she mentioned that she wanted go to swim class now, so maybe this made an impression on her.

After MacKenzie’s party we drove past our old house then to Dairy Queen for a “Cherry Dilly Bar”. The next stop was the carousel at Cary Mall. Since Katie was past their height check they wanted me to purchase an additional ticket in order to ride it with her. I complained but to no avail. I wasn’t going to buy another ticket so Katie rode it alone. Isn’t this discrimination? Katie is in fact tall for her age. What about short children who are short til the age of 10. Do they get to have their parents ride with them for free?