Day #1996 (Mon., June 22, 2015) – African Turtle

2015-06-22 - Picture FrameI took the automatic picture frame that I got yesterday for Father’s Day to work. You can see it up and running, and Robin trying to climb the window screen, in the photo to the right.

I had a doctor’s appointment at noon today. My wife joined me and she brought little Bobby. I picked them up at home and returned them to home after the meeting.

Today is the start of Art Camp…Katie’s second art camp in as many weeks. This week they will be dealing with jungle animals, and Katie told us that she made an African turtle out of clay today.

Melanie dropped Katie off at art camp and picked her up when it was over. She forgot to bring her to our house at 5pm so she was a little late.

We walked the University Mall again this evening. Katie was very energetic and it was hard for her to keep all this energy contained.

Little Bobby is starting to really take to the Jumperoo.

Just before he falls asleep little Bobby will cry like mad and it is very hard to soothe him.