Day #2012 (Wed., July 8, 2015) – Genevieve Is Pregnant

2015-07-08 - Katie's ArtKatie’s art is really improving as you can see in the photo to the right.

I dropped Katie off at art camp again this morning. On the drive over she told me that they did a dance about the solar system and the stars and such yesterday. I feel very fortunate in order to get just that out of her.

At lunchtime today I drove over to Trader Joe’s to pick up supplies. We are out of hot dogs…one of the first time ever that has happened. With little Bobby being unpredictable in the evenings I don’t often get the chance to go get food supplies on my own schedule. Often times it is around 9pm by the time he goes to bed…and Trader Joe’s is closed at that point.

As soon as I picked up my groceries I got a phone call from my wife. I guess that Sam forgot that Katie has a full day at art camp today and came to pick her up at noon. My wife promised Katie that I would pick her up some chocolate chip cookies at Trader Joe’s so back in I went to get them.

This evening Katie went over to see Ginger the dog. My wife took little Bobby over to retrieve her. Genevieve told her that she was pregnant. My wife is very excited to learn that there will be a new addition on the block. A potential person for Katie to babysit at some point perhaps?