Day #2013 (Thu., July 9, 2015) – Little Bobby Tummy Time

2015-07-09 - Little Bobby On MatAs I was driving Katie to art camp this morning she mentioned some sort of a paper mache thing she was making. I guess we will get to see it on Friday when we attend her presentations. Katie also mentioned to me that she liked the “Jungle Animal Art Camp” ths best.

When I arrived home this evening Genevieve’s mom and Gunther were at our house. They sometimes come over in the afternoon so that Gunther can play in our pool. Gunther sometimes reminds me of Katie in that he tends to stare at you. Little Bobby is certainly not this way…he will smile and laugh.

Katie has been wanting me to put her to bed as of late. She really likes the wrestling that we do in the nighttime. I can’t wait til little Bobby is big enough to wrestle with her.

Sometimes we need to take little Bobby out on the patio to calm him down. No need to do this tonight. The photo to the right shows him getting some “tummy time” on a play mat.