Day #150 (Wed., June 2, 2010) – The Power Of A Pacifier

My mother-in-law will be here one week from today. I have to pick her up in the airport just after midnight. Gonna be a long night…but it will be nice for her to see little Katie.

2010-06-02 - Cashflow For Kids
2010-06-02 - Cashflow For Kids

I’m thinking of getting the game “Cashflow” for little Katie at some point (see photo to the left). It teaches you financial matters, and this is knowledge that we all can use. She will have to grow up a bit first…

While at work I got the following email from my wife:

Katie’s first nap lasted for 3 hours with a quick lunch break. Then we took a nice walk, avoided rain, and assembled a night stand. I just put her to bed for the second nap. I am going to take a well deserved shower! I never thought that taking a shower will become a privilege. 🙂


It’s funny what strikes little Katie’s interest. Right now (6:56pm) she is interested in the green straps that hold the Jumperoo in place. I guess she has figured out all the spinners and animals and other objects…

Why are baby clothes so hard to get on? When I’m changing little Katie and getting her ready for bed she will scream and scream when I try to put her arms through the onesie. My wife showed me the trick…put the pacifier in her mouth. We were debating when she first caught on to the power of a pacifier…she used to spit them out. We think it was when she first started to have teething problems.

1) Little Katie can be changed much easier if a pacifier is in her mouth.