Day #151 (Thu., June 3, 2010) – Foot In Her Mouth

I left for work early this morning. I saw an opossum and a deer as I was driving along a stretch of tree-lined road.

2010-06-03 - New Nightstand
2010-06-03 - New Nightstand

My mother-in-law will be here in less than a week so we are busily getting our 3rd bedroom ready for her. The photo to the left shows the new nightstand that my wife bought the other day. We will be assembling the bed, etc. this weekend.

I got this email from my wife later in the day:


Katie got up at 7:00, so I am about ready to crash… I don’t know how you are surviving…

We already took a walk and Katie is asleep again. In the middle of the walk she got fussy – I had to pick her up quite a few times. I tried taking some photos…

I think I can hear the chipmunk… 🙂


While I was playing the guitar for little Katie this evening she held one of her legs straight up in the air. My wife tells me that she is trying to put her foot in her mouth. Quite the party trick… She started to smile and do a little dance in her bouncy seat. I think she really likes music and the sound of the guitar…

1) Little Katie is trying to put her foot in her mouth these days.