Day #2015 (Sat., July 11, 2015) – New Training Wheels

I got up late this morning. I made my wife breakfast and then took over tending to the kids while she took a nap.

I made some coffee cake as a snack. I asked Katie if she would like some and she replied, “Aw dad, you know I don’t like coffee”. I guess the name of it turned her off. I gave her a piece and she loved it.

Here’s one difference between little Bobby and Katie growing up. Little Bobby only likes the round soother on the end of “Sophie The Giraffe”. Katie on the other hand only liked the othro ones with the little ridges on the side.

2015-07-11 - New Training WheelsI had a long nap this afternoon and when I got up it was time to put the kids to bed. One advantage of this is that I was rested and therefore able to tend to some chores I had on my “to do” list. For example, I planned to put the new training wheels on Katie’s bike (see photo to the right). I got a chance to do this tonight. I just wheeled the bike into the living room and put them on while I watched “Transformers – Age Of Extinction” on television courtesy of Netflix.

With the training wheels securely attached I turned my attention to the “Bedazzled” game that I picked up for Katie a while back at FiveBelow. I wanted to test it out so I know how the game plays before I open it up in front of Katie. I think the rules will need to be adjusted a bit…but I think she will like it.