Day #2016 (Sun., July 12, 2015) – Another Boy For Little Bobby To Play With?

This morning I drove out to see where Miss Laura, Katie’s “Frog” teacher lived. I need to drop her off at her house for camp tomorrow. Glad I drove out to find it today as it was not as straight forward as it seems on the map.

On the drive home I saw Steven who was out running. He told me that the electric fence that holds their dog is broken so he is currently wandering the neighborhood. I congratulated him and he told me that there are only boys in his family line as far back as his grandfather. Looks like little Bobby is going to have another boy his age to play with…

2015-07-12 - Bedazzled GameWhen I got back home my wife went to bed and I tended to the kids. Katie and I had a couple of games of “Bedazzled”. She enjoyed it at first but once I introduced the timer she lost interest big time. She doesn’t like anything that forces her to rush or hurry.

For Sunday dinner this evening we had a mix of hamburger/mushrooms/peas with rice. Genevieve stopped by as she was out for a walk with Gunther and he ran onto our patio. I congratulated her on the news of her upcoming family addition.

I put Katie to bed this evening. We ended up putting dog, cat, and bird stickers on a piece of paper. The dogs chased cats up the trees where they ate the birds.