Day #2017 (Mon., July 13, 2015) – Day Camp At Miss Laura’s House

My wife was sleeping when I bundled Katie and took her to the camp at Miss Laura’s house. I put her lunch in the knapsack and off we went. She was a bit clingy at Miss Laura’s house but soon warmed up.

My wife had a doctor’s appointment for little Bobby this morning where he got a couple of shots for TDAP…one on each thigh. I guess he cried. My wife got some ointment for the “rash” that is appearing on Katie’s face. I need to pick that up at WalGreens.

2015-07-13 - Lizard BubbleLittle Bobby has stared to take a fancy to the little “Lizard Bubble” on the Jumperoo (see photo to the left).

I drove home just before noon to pick up some ice packs for the lunchbox in Katie’s knapsack, picked Katie up, and drove her to the PM session of Art Camp. I went back to pick her up at 4pm and we drove home for the evening. At Miss Laura’s house this morning Katie made a set of maracas out of a plastic easter egg, a couple of spoons, and some dried beans.

My wife bought a little owl night light for Katie as she has been complaining about the lights being off when she wakes up in the middle of the night. She was fussy this evening so we put her to bed early with it.

My wife compiled the following information regarding Katie and little Bobby:

Kids at 4 months
25.5″ – 90th percentile
17 lbs 6oz (7881 g, more than 95th percentile)

25” – 50th percentile
18 lbs 15.6 oz (8607g, 97th percentile)
head circumference: 44 cm