Day #2018 (Tue., July 14, 2015) – Little Bobby Snores At Work

2015-07-14 - Owl Night LightThe photo to the right shows the Owl Night Light that my wife picked up for Katie the other day. I guess she could not find it in the middle of the night because she was wimpering and I had to go in and turn it on for her.

It was a very busy morning as both my wife and I had to go to work this morning. My wife bundled up little Bobby and drove off to work and then it was my turn to drive Katie out to the morning camp at Miss Laura’s house. Casey will be picking her up at noon and taking her to the Art Camp in Carborro.

When I arrived home this evening Casey was feeding little Bobby. She told me that she was the baby of the family and has four older sisters. My wife gave her a statistics book…she has an exam tomorrow.

In putting Katie to bed this evening she wanted to color in her coloring book. We went through the various pages of the book and named the animals that had already been colored in.

My wife told me that little Bobby was the star attraction at her work today. He was very good and slept for most of the day, which was nice. I guess at one point though he started to snore in one of the meetings.