Day #2019 (Wed., July 15, 2015) – Miss Barbara No-Show

I dropped Katie off at Miss Laura’s this morning. She made a comment regarding the rash on Katie’s face. I told her that my wife asked little Bobby’s pediatrician about it and he prescribed her some cream. While at Miss Laura’s house Katie had her first piano lesson. Miss Laura said that she was very attentive. Let’s hope that Katie really takes to it…it will be a good skill for her to have.

2015-07-15 - Coloring BookKasey picked Katie up at noon today and took her to the Art Camp in Carborro. Sam picked her up from there and took her to her swim lesson with Miss Barbara. Unfortunately she went on vacation without telling us. As Sam had a bad sunburn he was not able to get into the pool so Katie splashed around by herself for a couple of hours.

This evening I dropped off at WalGreens to pick up the prescription for Katie. I then went to Trader Joe’s for supplies. As soon as I got into the car my wife called and asked if I could pick up some marshmallows. Apparently Katie really wanted them and had a rough day (i.e.: Miss Barbara didn’t show up for their lesson)…so I went to WholeFoods to pick them up as Trader Joe’s does not carry them.

This evening, in putting Katie to bed, we did some more coloring in her coloring book and then named the animals we colored. You can see an example in the photo to the left…the elephant Katie named “Firestand”.