Day #2031 (Mon., July 27, 2015) – The SimplySafe Sign

2015-07-27 - SimplySafe SignKatie is off to Art Camp this week. The theme is “Weather”. Kasey dropped her off but when she came back to our house to help with little Bobby she was not feeling well. My wife doesn’t want anyone in our house to get sick so she sent her home to recover. Sam was at home when I arrived. He picked Katie up from Art Camp.

Katie keeps delaying going to bed. She will go from “read a story” to “let’s wrestle” to “I’m hungry” to “whatever”… We keep trying to put her to bed earlier as she will have to get up earlier in a month or so when elementary school starts.

I finally go the chance to put the Simply Safe sign up in front of our house (see photo to the left). It’s been a long time coming. First were the long days and nights tending to little Bobby. Then I lost the box that the sign was in (as it turns out it was under some papers on my desk). Then it became a matter of time as my days are taken up with work and my evenings and weekends are taken up with tending to kids. Anyway, it’s up now…

Little Bobby is fascinated with the yellow monkey on the Jumperoo.