Day #2034 (Thu., July 30, 2015) – No Word From Glenwood

2015-07-30-ThumpingThe photo to the left shows little Bobby sleeping in his crib. It’s so nice to have a video monitor so we can see his sleep patterns. He will pull his legs up and drop them suddenly…that’s the “thumping” sound I hear in the middle of the night. This causes enough “action” that he will gradually work his way from one end of the crib to the other by daybreak.

My wife had no nannies today so taking care of both little Bobby and Katie proved to be quite the challenge.

This evening I put up on the television the “Lava Song” that I found on YouTube. I thought Katie would be really into it. She was for a while but then she saw a video of someone walking on fire and she was all over that.

My wife has been asking me for when little Bobby gets up and when he goes to bed for naps, etc. She is recording this so that she can study his sleep patterns more.

We have still not heard from Glenwood School regarding the school year. We heard that they would be having a social at the park before the school year so that the kids and parents could get to meet the teachers, but no news yet.

We have been trying to keep Katie away from video games but it has been tough. Her nannies have iPhones and iPads that play games so my wife has relented and lets her play video games on her computer from time-to-time. We’re thinking that it might be time to get her access to some learning software online. In this way she will be learning and not just playing. We especially would like her to learn more letters and words. Helen down the road knows more than Katie and they are the same age. We don’t want Katie to start elementary school with a disadvantage…not that she can’t catch up…