Day #2033 (Wed., July 29, 2015) – Two Hula Hoops

This morning I showed Katie the “Lava Song” video that I found on YouTube yesterday. She didn’t get to see it yesterday as punishment for being “fussy” and angrily knocking her lasagna of the table. Here it is:

I dropped Katie off at the Art Center this morning.

My wife took Katie to Miss Barbara this evening for swimming lessons so there was nobody home when I got home. I took the opportunity to get a few errands done. It’s amazing how much you appreciate 5-10 minutes to do things. With both little Bobby and Katie around time is of a premium these days. I even had time to put a pizza in the oven…just the basic Trader Joe’s version but I added olives and extra cheese as Katie loves olives so much. In fact, she was so hungry when she came back from swimming class she ate almost the whole pizza by herself.

I guess that Miss Barbara showed Katie how to swim on her back this afternoon. She still held on to her, and Katie was a bit afraid, but she went through the motions which is oh so important at this stage.

Both my wife and Katie got hula hoops in the mail today. Katie showed me her expertise on the device when I was putting her to bed. I showed her how Isabelle the Giraffe could do a hula hoop with her neck.