Day #153 (Sat., June 5, 2010) – Gaining Less Weight

I got this email from my wife at 1:44am this morning:


Our little squeaker woke me up and is peacefully asleep…

Our doctor friend said that it’s normal to start gaining less weight at this age. Anyway – Katie has been eating better for the last couple of days.


2010-06-05 - Katie's Clothes
2010-06-05 – Katie’s Clothes

By the time 3am rolled around we were both up. I changed little Katie and she promptly started looking at the rocking chair as that is usually the next step of the equation. She didn’t see her source of nourishment sitting in the chair so she had a very worried look.

11:00am – My wife and I went out to search for a suitable new fridge. Chipmunk slept in the car for the most part, but she was excited to see all the new appliances in the stores. The photo to the left shows some of little Katie’s new clothes. She wore the dress shown in the middle of the photo today.

We had another Skype session with my mother this afternoon. Little Katie was very chatty and energetic at one point. My wife had to take her and feed her close to the end of the session. My mother got to see her in her nice green patterned party dress.

1) Little Katie is comforted when she sees her meal ticket in the rocking chair.