Day #154 (Sun., June 6, 2010) – Lost A Sock

My mother-in-law arrives late on Tuesday evening, so my wife and I are getting the house and the 3rd bedroom in order.

2010-06-06 - 3rd Bedroom
2010-06-06 - 3rd Bedroom

11:15am – My wife just left the room to put some clothes away. Little Katie started to fuss and cry. We are noticing that she doesn’t like to be left alone anymore.

11:28am – Nap time… My wife just put little Katie to bed.

11:47am – My wife and I are in the process of assembling the bed in the 3rd bedroom.

12:30pm – The 3rd bedroom is done (see photo to the right)…waiting for my mother-in-law to arrive.

My wife and I went to the local Mexican Restaurant for lunch today with little Katie in tow. The waitress commented on what a beautiful baby she was and little Katie gave her a smile. True to form little Katie managed to kick her sock off in the restaurant and we didn’t notice it til we were out at the car. Daddy had to go back to the restaurant and prowl around and find it.

6:00pm – My wife is napping right now and I have the baby monitor here with me. Little Katie has cried on 3 separate occasions and each time I went to the nursery and put the pacifier in her mouth and turned on the musical devices. She fell asleep in quick order. The longer I can take care of her the longer my wife can sleep.

1) Little Katie loves to kick her socks off…she left one behind in the Mexican Restaurant today.